The year of the Tiger

With Christmas just around the corner, I can’t help but look back at the year that will come to a close in just two weeks. In a recent conversation with my twin sister, we decided that the year 2013 wasn’t exactly our best. She struggled in her job and relationship and I struggled moving back in with my parents, what path my career would go on, and figuring out where to move. We hadn’t taken a trip around Europe, landed our dream job, or found the guy of our dreams. It seemed like this year was simply a waste. I felt like I was waiting for my life to begin.

My sister stumbled upon this yahoo 2013 forecast for the Tiger (our Chinese astrological sign):  “You’re looking at two favorable, one neutral and nine unfavorable months, Never fear, there is hope. Snake is not out to get you, but its style is deliberate, calculating and a bit on the slow side, which is not your style at all. Boldly going forth to conquer worlds probably isn’t going to work for you this year. Instead, make that 33 percent work for you by being Snake-like — even if it hurts. You have three good years coming up after this one. Why not hold off on the big stuff?! And keep this in mind that this is a Water year, your most favorable element as you are a Wood sign. This of 2013 as the year of watering your plants to make them grow in the coming years.”

Somehow this horoscope made me feel a bit better. Even if astrology isn’t your thing, I felt better knowing that it could have been written in the stars that this year would simply not be ideal. I am working on looking at this year as not a “waste” but one that will “water” my future path. And with that, I have decided to look forward to 2014 because I know it will be a year of some pretty big changes.

Although these goals are pretty broad, I have put them down on paper in hopes of setting the wheels in motion.

1. Land a job that will foster positivity, kindness, and open-mindedness and where I feel free to be myself.

2. Move to a new city that forces me to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people.

3. Travel to London and take in the world of Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, and Prince Harry.

4. Continue to challenge myself physically with Crossfit.

5. Stay true to who I am.



What are your goals/plans for the year ahead? What does your Chinese horoscope reveal?

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