Why I love ‘O’

Every month I look forward to diving into Oprah’s magazine ‘O’. Over the past year it has easily become my favorite companion on car rides, plane rides, and a lazy night on the couch. I immediately read it cover to cover taking in Oprah’s newest book choices, recipes, and her “May we help you?” advice section. The entire premise of the magazine is designed to inspire women to help them make the change that they’ve been contemplating for so long and to live their best life. After a full devoted hour I come away with feelings of empowerment and encouragement. I’m going to plan that trip to London asap! I’m going to read that new book club novel! I’m finally going to pick up photography!

Well, even if I don’t do all these things absolutely immediately, these thoughts help the wheels grind to life in my mind. What else do I want to do? What have I been putting off for months? And then I see contributing editor/writer Martha Beck’s “Plan for Finding Joy” and her four steps start to really resonate with me. The very first step she mentions is to have a vision. “Begin basing choices on what makes you feel freer and happier, rather than how you think an ideal life should look.” Beck advises to create a vision board of images that depict your desired future. She says that simply the process of choosing the images are what steers your choices in a direction that helps make the vision real. Vision boards, at first, do sound a bit hokey but I know that I need all the help I can get for figuring out what course I should take next.

So with the new year fast approaching and anxiety about my next step at an all time high, I’ll be cutting and pasting.

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