Practicing gratitude is a topic I’ve heard quite a lot about the past 6 months. Writing down 5 things you are grateful for each day has been found to significantly increase one’s happiness and well-being. It allows the mind to shift focus from anger, frustration, and anxiety to a space of reflection and contemplation. Notice of the small things in life; a warm home when it’s well below freezing outside, help from a co-worker or friend, an unexpected compliment, a favorite magazine in the mail, trying a new recipe; can change the way we perceive our lives. Suddenly a  mundane Tuesday is full of appreciation in the value of small things and daily goodness we overlook. This practice has been said to gain momentum over time. So consider yourself warned. You could become the happiest person you’ve ever met.

Things I’m grateful for/make me happy:

1. Listening to the “Saving Mr. Banks” soundtrack on Spotify on repeat

2. Working out with my sister-she makes everything more fun

3. The hilarity and innocence of kids-listening to them at a movie provides added entertainment

4. Making popcorn on the stove

5. Placing books on hold at the library-I’m cheap and think they are over-priced on my Nook

6. Listening to a fascinating lecture on brain health

7. Planning for the weekend on a Monday-super excited to check this place out regardless of not being under the age of  twelve.

8. Making these incredible brownies again

9. Being in the early planning stages of a sister road trip to Charleston, SC

10. The excitement of a new year just beginning

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