Five Things Friday 2.7.14

five things friday

Happy Friday! Here are five things that made this week great:

1. The Olympics have begun!

2. Writing down goals for the week and achieving them. I had actions steps each day that I wanted to get done which helped me stay focused and accountable. ‘Consistent daily action’ was my mantra this week.

3. Committing to doing my very first seminar at a non-profit. I’m terrified of public speaking but I know it’ll be great practice and a way to get the word out there about health coaches and what we do!

4. Leisurely mornings. I’m blessed to have an open schedule most mornings. I spend them making breakfast, reading blogs/newspaper, and listening to music. It’s glorious.

5. Looking forward to the Well Expo on Saturday to check out vendors from all over the Madison area that encompass healthy living, wellness and organic, local foods.

Posts I loved:

This post from Tiny Buddha. A wonderful story about how God works through others at the exact time we need some divine intervention.

When did stable become boring? 

Mom Shows the Magic of Surfing While Pregnant in Amazing Time Lapse Video

5 Practical Steps to Take if You are Struggling to Choose a Career Path

Forming Healthy Habits: 3 Tiny Choices that Create Huge Change

Taking the Scenic Route–A short film about 3 millennials who decided to take the road less traveled.

The Food Cure–A documentary in the works featuring 6 cancer patients and their decision to forgo traditional cancer treatment in favor of the medicinal properties of food. Inspirational and you can donate to help them meet their growing costs to make the film.

Have a great weekend!

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