Five Things Friday 2.14.14

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Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope your week was productive and that you are looking forward to a great weekend ahead. Five things that made this week a good one:

1. The fact that Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year and we can celebrate it along with a weekend! I love this holiday and having a significant other has never been a requirement for me in order to enjoy it. It brings me back to the days of elementary school when we made milk carton “mailboxes” and attached them to the side of our desks. At the end of the day everyone would distribute their Valentines, drink Hawaiian Punch and eat store-bought cookies while reading Valentine’s decorated with JTT and Disney princesses. Does it get any better than that?!

2. These cookies! I’ve been experimenting with using beans in cookies and brownies and these turned out really yummy! A must-try.

3. A coffee date with the pastor of our church. She’s been an amazing mentor for me during a time of transition and being in her presence is calming and re-affirming.

4. Filing my taxes and looking forward to a return I can put towards future travel plans.

5. Reservations at a highly recommended Italian restaurant in Milwaukee with my sisters. I’ve had a gift card for this place for 3 years and I’m so glad I finally get to spend it!

Link up:

Turmeric Milk-Gena from Choosing Raw posted this recipe last week and I gave it a try over the weekend. It was delicious!

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The Impression Guys Episode 1–This is hilarious and highly entertaining. A must-watch!

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