Five Things Friday 2.28.14

Five things friday

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Despite the extreme cold happening in the Midwest this week, here is what made this final week of February a good one :

1. Meeting with a new client and having a chance to sit down with her and dive in to nutrition. It really solidified for me that I have found my passion in nutrition, health coaching, and wellness. I loved chatting with her and coming up with goals and making a plan for success.

2. Baking this Coffee Cake Banana Bread and these Chickpea Cookies (again). I haven’t baked in awhile and I always enjoy trying out new recipes and it’s a bonus when they actually taste good!

3. This recipe is a must-try, Sriracha Lime and Creamy Cashew Fettuccine!  The sauce is amazing. I used rice noodles instead of fettuccine noodles and a red bell pepper for the red chile. It was spicy and soo good.

4. Even though the Olympics were awesome, regular TV programming is back this week! All new episodes of New Girl, Chicago Fire, Parks and Rec, Parenthood, etc. Yes…I watch entirely too much TV. And I almost forgot, the Oscars this Sunday!

5. The CrossFit Open kicks off today! Looking forward to doing some crazy workouts the next five weeks.

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Episode 3 of The Impression Guys–I can’t get enough of this series!

Nutella Greek Yogurt Waffle Cone Parfaits with Cashew Caramel Corn–this may be time intensive, but I can’t wait to try it.

What are your top 5? I’d love to hear them 🙂 Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday 2.28.14”

  1. Love the photo you used today! Kind of reminds me of the truck Tim Allen drives in “Last Man Standing.” Enjoyed your 5 things this week. Keep on keepin’ on, girl!

  2. 10 Painful Obvious Truths is a wonderful article, true in every way. I want to post these somewhere I can see them often.

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