Happiness Just Happens


I read this post recently and I loved this quote from Chuang Tzu- “Happiness is the absence of striving for happiness.”

It seems that the happiest moments in life rarely occur when we are planning, worrying, and crossing things off our to-do list. The best moments in life usually occur when we spend time in nature, do what we love, or surround ourselves with people who care about us.

These moments are therapeutic. Worries and anxieties fall away in that moment and everything is OK. Laughing with friends until the early hours of the morning put life in perspective. A walk or run after a long day at work can change the way you see the world.After aligning myself with my thoughts and the present moment, whatever had me upset, concerned, or fearful fall away and it seems everything has sorted itself out, even when nothing has changed. The situation is the exact same from when I left until when I returned, but something has indeed shifted. The worry is gone. The anxiety diminished. All I feel is content.

Remembering to take time to do the things that remind us of what’s truly important in life help us realize that happiness just happens. Unhappiness is what we work hard at. We actually have to construct unhappiness. The constant worry, fretfulness, and concern for what will happen in the future are the products of our own minds. It’s the stories we create that rob us of happiness. Taking consistent daily action toward our goals and allowing ourselves time to do what makes our soul sing will allow happiness to happen effortlessly.

Happy Monday!

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