3 things I want to do more of this week

I hope your weekend was full of laughter, fun, naps, and delicious food. I had no agenda this weekend and it was nice to fill it with CrossFit on Saturday morning, napping, renting a movie, sleeping in, laughing with my sister and hanging out all weekend with her. We browsed for places to stay in Boulder and got excited for our trip in 3 short weeks. Every Sunday evening I write out my goals and what I’d like to accomplish for the upcoming week. I’ve been realizing that my weeks have been flying by so quickly and I wanted to take a minute to note a few things that I’d like to take more time on this week:

Cooking/baking-I didn’t do any of this last week and I felt so rushed with throwing together quick meals that I really didn’t get to enjoy what I was eating. This week I’m looking forward to making these Almond Energy Bars for snacking on during the week as well as trying out this 5-Spice Black Bean Salad and this Sriracha Lime and Creamy Cashew Fettuccine.

pinterest photo


Reading-I also didn’t do much of this last week. I spent most of my time reading online posts and tidbits from Twitter but didn’t actually sit down with a real book. I’d like to make a point of reading each night before I go to bed; not from a computer screen.

Going on a run outside-Despite a couple of the warmer, sunny days we had last week, I never took advantage of them. This week I will make it a point to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and remember how therapeutic a run can be.

My favorite post from the weekend:

How To Wake Up Every Morning On Top Of The World–really made me think about how I wake up every day and the questions I ask myself. I want to start doing this routine on the mornings I don’t need to be up at 5 am. It would be such a great start to the day.

The perfect way to end a Sunday: Eating a delicious homemade brownie with a glass of almond milk while writing this post.

Happy Monday! What are you looking forward to this week?

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