In a funk

Happy Monday! I hope you had some sun and warmer weather where you are and were able to enjoy the outdoors over the weekend. It seems like Spring is trying really hard to make an appearance here in Wisconsin and it was such a blessing to have sun and high 50’s on Sunday!

On another note, I found myself in a weird funk all week. Things didn’t go according to plan. I got annoyed over every little thing. I made a huge deal out of a  minor setback. My attitude sucked. And I couldn’t pinpoint any particular reason why. It was just one of those weeks.

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I noticed I was saying incredibly negative things and wanting others to wallow in my misery. I was content being in a mood for a couple days. Some part of me needed to be quiet, irritated, and alone. Not every day can go how I want it to. I can’t control how others behave and my opinion on how others want to live their lives doesn’t matter in the least.

And then I realized that I always have a choice.  No one is forcing me to do anything in my life right now. I am in complete control of what I do. I can’t blame someone else for how I’m feeling.


With that understanding, sometimes you just have to say “yes” to an invitation you know will be good to help get  you out of your usual environment . Vent your frustrations to someone who is nice enough to listen. Do something you love. Get outside. Take a breather and be alone for awhile. Realize that life isn’t bad, in fact, it’s pretty great. Understand that life is all how you perceive it. It doesn’t have to suck if you don’t want it to.

I hope you have a happy first week of April!

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