The Next Step

Happy Monday! April is flying by. I can’t believe Easter is already next Sunday! I hope you had a great weekend and are feeling ready to tackle Monday and what the week has in store. I got back from Boulder last Friday and spent the weekend getting caught up with laundry, work stuff, and prepping for the upcoming week.

Boulder was everything I needed it to be; sunshine, warm 70 degree weather, hiking, shopping, walking countless miles around the city, eating at fantastic restaurants, spending time with my aunt and uncle, and soaking up the mountain air. I had no real agenda. I wanted clarity on figuring out my life. Where should I move? What job do I want? What’s my next step? Leaving for a little bit didn’t bring me any of the answers I was looking for.

Pearl Street Mall

And I didn’t think it would. I’m beginning to realize that I could move anywhere. I could see myself in Boulder. But I could also see myself countless other places. I feel incredibly cooped up being in my hometown for a year and I desperately want a change. There’s nothing new to discover here. And what I loved most about Boulder was having the opportunity to wander and see a city new to me. I had the time to actually explore. Try out restaurants that looked good, take as much time as I wanted at a bookstore, browse all the stores on Pearl Street, and walk around the beautiful UC-Boulder campus. I got to be outside all day and enjoy the perfect spring weather.

iced chai

Boulder seemed to have a more relaxed environment. People stopped for you to cross the street, waved for you to go ahead in traffic while in their hybrid cars, went hiking with their dogs, said hello as you passed, and wanted to chat with you on the bus. Maybe it’s the spectacular view they get to see every day, or being named the fittest city, or the legalization of marijuana, but Boulder seems to have gotten something right. I was happy I decided to spend some time out there and experience an environment so different from here.


But when my little sister picked us up from the airport and had our favorite sushi waiting for us for lunch; I realized that Boulder was missing something big. Boulder doesn’t have my family. And that’s a big deal breaker. I can be gone for a bit. Heck, I was in South Korea for a year, but nothing beats the feeling of coming home and being with the ones you love the most. Having the ability to drop in for the weekend, or even just the night, to hang with my family is something I’m not sure I want to give up again. It’s a blessing and a curse having such a close family. I never want to leave them. But I do have to find a happy medium. And I suppose that will be my next step.


Have a wonderful week!


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