Five Things Friday 4.18.14

rooftop dinner


Happy Friday! Once again the week flew by and I’m not entirely sure how it’s Friday already but I’ll take it. Here are five things I’m grateful for this week:

1. Finally buying some new running shoes last weekend and getting out for some runs this week to break them in. Man, it feels good to be outside running and not on a treadmill.

2. Being back at work after vacation. I never thought I’d say that, but it felt good to get back into a routine and catch up with my favorite clients.

3. Trying this Lemon Asparagus Risotto for the first time and having it turn out really well and these Chocolate Almond Butter Cups which were delicious!

4. Listening to the Michael Buble station on Pandora while cooking. Pandora can be incredibly random and this station was no exception, but I did enjoy every song that came on regardless if it wasn’t even remotely close to Michael Buble.

5. I’m looking forward to Easter brunch with family and eating monkey bread!  There are no nutritional redeeming qualities to this recipe but at twice a year only, I really don’t care 🙂

Favorite Links:

Reclaim Your Spiritual Growth

Food Rules

How to Stay Motivated When the Going Gets Tough–A must-read if you are struggling to find the inspiration to exercise daily.

Fed Up Official Trailer–I’m excited for this documentary because I think it will really illustrate the power of food (and sugar specifically) on our weight and health. The conventional wisdom of “I have to move more and eat less” is finally debunked in a way that is both understandable and incredibly shocking. It will be a game changer and I can’t wait to see it.

I hope your week flew by too and that you have a great Easter weekend!

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