Summer To-Do List

Happy Monday! I  hope you had a fun weekend and got to enjoy some amazing weather! I’m writing this post while watching the sun set on the most beautiful Sunday we’ve had this year. It was such a great weekend with family and it went all too fast. As I was sitting outside with my sisters on Sunday we felt compelled to write down our summer to-do’s. I have a tendency to let summer slip away without really enjoying it to its fullest. This summer I’m determined to not let that happen and this list will give me something to look forward to each and every weekend. The summers are so short in Wisconsin and you really can’t take any day for granted. Here is our preliminary list for the upcoming summer:

porch swingimage

1. Go to the Lion’s Den Gorge in Grafton, WI and enjoy the awesome views of Lake Michigan.

2. Eat sushi at Lake Park. (I used to run through Lake Park all the time when I was in college and it’s fun to go back and visit one of my favorite places.)

3. Enjoy live music and drinks in downtown Milwaukee (During the summer there is always great live music each weekend and it’s the perfect thing to do on a summer night.)

4. Pedal around the Third Ward on the Pedal Tavern–This was on our to-do list last summer but we never got around to doing it!

5.  Summerfest

6. Comedy Club in Madison–I absolutely love the Comedy Club in Madison and go a few times a year. It’s the perfect entertainment for a weekend night.

7. Madison Farmer’s Market–I never went last summer and I’m making it a priority this year.

8. Play tennis–It’s been way too long since I’ve picked up a racket and played a few games. It will be embarrassing just how bad I’ve become but equally hilarious, I’m sure.

9. Make a day trip to Wisconsin Dells and go to Noah’s Ark. I haven’t been in years but I always have a blast and feel 10 years old again.

10. Devil’s Lake–hiking, cooking out, swimming=the perfect summer day!

11. Pub Crawl (sort of) to friends’ childhood homes–My best friend came up with this idea and I thought it sounded like a great time. We all lived within a 2-3 mile radius of each other growing up and were always walking/biking to each other’s houses. She thought it would be fun to all get together, have a drink or two at one of our childhood homes, and either walk to the next house or have our parents drive us. Any excuse to get together, catch up, and reminisce about stupid stuff we did growing up sounds awesome to me!

12. Sip margaritas and eat lots of chips and guacamole on La Fuente’s outdoor patio.

13. Go to a friend’s cabin up north and enjoy being away for a weekend.

14. Read a new book each month.

15. Move my sister out of her apartment and into a new, awesome one and hopefully move myself somewhere new too 🙂


Have  you made a summer to-do list? What are you looking forward to? I hope you have a wonderful week!

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