Lost in the future

Happy Monday! The weekends always fly by way too quickly and I hope yours was exactly what you needed to recharge for the upcoming week. I had such a fun weekend in Madison running in the sunny weather, hitting up the farmer’s market, and laughing until my stomach hurt at the comedy club with my sister and best friend. It was one of those perfect days that has me excited for summer.

I don’t know about you, but I think way too much on Sundays. Last night I was getting overwhelmed and caught up in thinking about the future. I have a pretty good idea of what I want to be doing and where I want to be, but I have no idea how to get there. I get to the point where all I want is someone to tell me what to do and I’ll do it.

I think that sometimes we forget how far we’ve come and only focus on how far we have to go. I know I do anyways. It can be daunting taking the next step and having absolutely no idea if it’ll work out or if it’ll be a big failure. Not knowing which way things could go can be scary but you just have to do it anyways. Give it a try. See where it leads you. Have faith.


That step will open up a world of new people and new experiences. And if we never take that step, we’ll always wonder. I don’t want to get to the end of my life and look back and have regrets about the places I didn’t see, the chances I never took, or the opportunities I passed up. I’m starting to realize that there may not be a “right” choice. There are just choices we make or don’t, so stressing about making the “right” one is pointless.

ready image

 With that said, we don’t have to have everything figured out all at once.  Just take it one day at a time and keep challenging ourselves to try new things; especially the things that scare us. Having faith that it’ll all turn out OK.


Have a great week 🙂

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