Five Things Friday 5.3.2014



Happy May! I’m convinced that the weather this month has got to be better than April. It’s been a rough week and this weather is really getting to me. Not seeing the sun since last Saturday is making me seriously reconsider why I live in Wisconsin. Nothing really seems to be going right this week, however, gratitude is supposed to help with seeing the forest through the trees, so to speak, so here goes nothing:

1. Spotify playlists. They have a playlist for whatever mood you could possibly be in and it’s a great way to check out new artists.

2. With all the rain we’ve gotten this week, the grass is incredibly green and trees are starting to bud. It offers some hope that warmer weather will eventually come and stay.

3. Morning CrossFit classes-it’s oftentimes the highlight of my day and I’m thankful for the awesome people I get to work out with.

4. Watching Parks and Recreation re-runs. This show is hilarious and always puts me  in a good mood. Never underestimate the power of a good laugh.

5. Looking forward to the weekend where it looks like the rain will stop, the sun will shine, and we’ll celebrate my little sister turning 25!

Favorite Links:

9 Science-Backed Secrets for a Longer Life

Jimmy Kimmel Goes to the Barbershop to Discuss Donald Sterling

What 11 Highly Successful People Wish They’d Known at 20

How was your week? Hope you have fun things planned for the weekend ahead 🙂

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