It’s Monday already! I hope you had a weekend full of great people, delicious food, summer weather, and sun. It was a beautiful weekend here and I was lucky enough to fill it with some of my favorite things; watching hilarious movies, leaving the windows open while sleeping at night, reading on the porch swing, playing tennis, singing embarrassingly loud in the car with my sister, eating ice cream, grilling out, eating outside, and visiting with family.


This was the weekend that made it feel like it was legitimately summer. It was low-key and perfect. I enjoyed every minute of it knowing that this upcoming week the warm temperatures and sun will leave just as fast as they came. And it reminded me that everything changes, all the time. Nothing is ever constant. It’s unnerving and frustrating. One minute everything is calm and the next, complete chaos. Circumstances change. People change their minds. Unpredictable events occur that we could never imagine and our lives are flipped upside down.

But, knowing that change is constant can also be a comfort as well. Whatever situation, be it good or bad, will change. That’s a sure thing. So from this, we can truly appreciate when things are going well. Enjoy the beautiful weather while it’s here, be grateful for the amazing people we choose to surround ourselves with, and celebrate even the small things. Tomorrow may be completely different, but for now, life is good.

Happy Monday! Have a great week!



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