Five Things Friday 6.20.14

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Happy Friday! How was your week? I was actually a day behind this week so I feel like Friday came on very quickly. I have no big plans for the weekend either so we’ll see how the days unfold. I hope you are taking advantage of every June day as much as you can. I hate being reminded how fast summer seems to go but taking a look at a calendar this week had me in a slight panic! I have so much I want to do and so little time, or so it seems. Here are the five things I’m grateful for this Friday:

1. Electricity-Something I take for granted every day until a storm comes through and knocks out the power all morning. Showering in the dark, going to an interview in wrinkly clothes and wet hair, and not being able to make a decent breakfast threw my day for a loop. However, it was a wake-up call how incredibly dependent I am on modern conveniences. I would be completely SOL in the event of an EMP.

2. New Music Tuesday playlist on Spotify-I love being able to check out new artists and songs every week on Spotify. It has me excited for Summerfest in Milwaukee which starts next week already!

3. A life update from my cousin in Australia-Hearing from her made my day and I love that we reconnect every so often to see what’s going on each other’s lives.

4. Lunch with my sister-Meeting up with her after my interview this week and sitting outside while cracking up over work stories was fun. I am excited to move soon and be able to make this a regular occurrence.

5. Living in a free country-This is easy to take for granted every day as well; but reading about the violence going on in other countries right now makes me think about how very lucky I am to have been born in a country where I’m allowed to live my life the way I want. I never have to think twice about what I’m allowed to read, what religion I want to practice, what I’m allowed to say or not say, what to wear, or having to live in fear for my life every day. So even on a bad day, it could always be worse, much worse.

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie and Coconut Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Sea Salt-I could be wrong, but I think everyone’s weekend would be even better with these two included.

Enjoy your weekend and Happy First Day of Summer on Saturday!


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