A Wisconsin Summer

It’s so easy to complain about Wisconsin. The winters here are absolute misery and seem to last the better part of the year. Shoveling snow is a constant, hoping your car starts every morning is an ongoing concern , and making sure every inch of skin is covered before heading out the door can get old, really fast. The cold can find its way into your soul and can turn even the cheeriest of optimists into irritable, sullen individuals. The weather is the first topic to be discussed every morning and vacations to exotic, sunny locales are booked during the dreariest, coldest months. Sometimes it seems like the temperature will never reach anything higher than 35 degrees and thoughts of “Why do I live here?” are on a constant loop in my mind.

But when summer finally makes its appearance, it seems like Wisconsin comes alive again. No one takes for granted a sunny, warm day. Everyone is outside biking, running, walking their dogs, grilling out, hosting parties, going up north for the weekend, eating outside on restaurant patios, and taking advantage of all the local festivals happening on a weekly basis. I’m reminded again why I choose to live here. I live for these days. The days where I can sit outside for hours reading and writing, going on runs later in the evenings, perusing farmer’s markets, drinking iced coffee, and sitting around a fire with friends are what make Wisconsin summers unforgettable.


I think one of my favorite parts of this time of year is the unmistakable shift that occurs. Life seems to slow down and it feels like anything can happen. Everyone is happier and there is a general understanding that there is an expiration date on this time. So, taking advantage of it and trying new things, accepting a spontaneous invitation, or staying out later than normal with great company becomes less sporadic. You allow yourself more freedom with your time and leeway on your once strict schedule because the knowledge that it’s only temporary seems to make everything permissible.

If I lived in a city where perfect weather was the norm, I would start taking it for granted. That sense of optimism and spontaneity would be gone. Summer wouldn’t hold the same intrigue and anticipation. Summer wouldn’t be the same anywhere else. So despite its frigid winters, Wisconsin redeems itself every year with its memorable summers.

I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy the last full week of June!


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