Five Things Friday 7.4.14


Happy Friday and 4th of July! I can’t think of anything better than the holiday landing on  a Friday this year and enjoying one more day to the weekend! I hope your weekend is spent with awesome company, great weather, spectacular food, and gratitude for all the amazing things in your life. Here are my five things this week:

1. A spontaneous get together with an old friend-I’m blessed with wonderful friends who I’ve known since kindergarten and getting to catch up with one of them this week was therapeutic. An hour and a half was just simply not enough time since three hours is usually the minimum when we get together, but I love her dearly and it brightened my day.

2. Having the opportunity to fully enjoy summer and the 4th-I have such flexible hours with work which allows me freedom when it comes to enjoying summer. My bank account might suffer a bit due to a lighter client load during these couple months, but I’m realizing that I can take advantage of this time to look for apartments, job opportunities, and make contacts.

3. This smoothie plus a couple handfuls of whatever greens you have on hand. Try it. You’ll love it. Promise. (I hope.)

4. Kind words from clients-I adore the clients I get to work with on a daily basis and their kind words and texts mean so much and let me know I’m doing an OK job.

5. Appreciating that there is a lot of summer left to enjoy-I always believed that the 4th of July marked the middle of summer, but a client did point out that technically, summer really only just began two weeks ago. There is still time to relax, soak up the sun, check off my summer bucket list items, and listen to all the country songs I want 🙂


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Happy 4th of July-may it be safe, fun,  and full of laughter and good times!

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