Five Things Friday 7.18.14

Couple taking a road trip in vintage car.source

Happy Friday! How was your week? Once again, the days flew by and I felt rushed to keep up, stay motivated, and get everything completed on my to-do list. I’m looking forward to relaxing this weekend up north with my sisters, a good book, perfect weather (hopefully!), sleeping in, and delicious food. I hope you have some fun plans you are looking forward to as well! Here are five things I was very grateful for this week:

1. People who are passionate about their jobs: Meeting others who absolutely love what they do on a daily basis are a breath of fresh air. You can feel their excitement, their enthusiasm is contagious, and they give out only positive energy. It’s inspiring to see and something to strive to be like.

2. New opportunities opening up when you least expect: It’s great to see momentum on the career front even if it’s not entirely what I’m looking for right now. It gives me hope that the right opportunity is just around the corner.

3. Group texts with my sisters that leave me laughing all day: There’s nothing like giggling to myself while in the car or at work over ridiculous texts from my sisters. They are the funniest people I know and I adore them completely.

4. Mood changing naps: A rough night of sleep, an early morning, a long drive, and constant frustrations over future jobs is a recipe for a terrible mood. A nap can turn all of that around. I’m so thankful it did.

5. Delicious salads with produce from the farmer’s market: I’ve been on a salad kick lately with all of the fresh produce available right now. I bought some awesome salad greens, kale, and onions from the farmer’s market and I’ve been inspired to eat salads daily this week. I feel like I have to take advantage of it now before it’s just not available anymore in a few months. (I hate referencing the colder months ahead. Forgive me and forget I mentioned it!)

Five Favorite Links:

How A Password Changed My Life-My sister told me about this story. It’s awesome. Such a good reminder of how our thoughts can change our lives.

40 Genius Travel Tips

16 Reasons You Are Succeeding in Life (Even if you don’t feel like you are)

31 Coffee Shops We Love-Madison Magazine highlights all the best in the city.

No-Bake Chocolate Chia  Energy Bars-A client surprised me with these delicious treats this week! So good, easy, and definitely hits the spot if you have a sweet tooth.


What are you thankful for this week? I hope you have an awesome weekend!

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