Five Things Friday 7.25.14


Happy Friday! I thought this week would be low-key and productive, but then it quickly got filled up and busy. Before I knew it,  it was Thursday and I felt like I was in a time-warp. Does this happen to you? I wish I could slow down life a bit and really soak up these summer days. Especially since the weather turned very fall-like over night and it made me realize how very not ready I am for the seasons to change. Summer is so fleeting and since this is the last Friday of July, I’m sulking a bit. But, I’m also very grateful. Here are five things I’ve loved this week:

1. Movies I can’t wait to see- Begin Again and Wish I Was Here both have great casts and I’m a sucker for feel-good movies.

2. The CrossFit Games-Watching these athletes compete in the ultimate tests of strength, stamina, speed, power, and endurance is absolutely amazing. Their mental toughness astounds me and I have been hooked since Wednesday when the Games began.

3. Reading “One Last Thing Before I Go” by Jonathan Tropper-Since I loved Tropper’s previous book “This Is Where I Leave You” so much, I decided to pick up his latest this week. I loved it after the first page and can’t wait to finish it. It’s about a former drummer of a one-hit-wonder rock band who has been an absent father and miserable husband. His teenage daughter is pregnant, his wife divorced him and is getting re-married, and he is told he needs emergency heart surgery in order to save his life. He refuses surgery and makes the decision to live out his last days trying to repair his relationships and live in the moment.

4. My mom-She surprised me with an iced coffee during a long day at work. She’s always so thoughtful and I’m blessed to have a mom that thinks of me and brightens my day.

5. The fair-It’s that time of year again when the fair grounds are occupied by every farm animal you can imagine, carnival rides, cheese curds, funnel cakes, and fried Oreos. I remember when I was a kid, fair week was the greatest week of the year.  It’s been almost a decade since I’ve last attended and I’m actually looking forward to going this year and remembering what it was like to be a kid again.

Five Favorite Links:

How Taking a Step Backward Can Be The Way Forward

7 Travel Moments On 7 Continents That Changed My Life

This One Time, While Traveling…

What Old People Can Learn From Millennials–I loved this quote and couldn’t agree more; “Work-life balance is a myth and you do not have a ‘work life’ and a ‘personal life,’ you simply have a life.”

Flourless Almond Butter Dark Chocolate Cookies with Sea Salt-The weekend might be even better with a batch of these around 🙂


Have an awesome last weekend of July and I hope you enjoy it to its fullest!



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