September Wishes


Happy Tuesday! Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and you are feeling recharged to take on this first week of September. Summer is officially over and a new season has begun. It’s bittersweet but I love four seasons in Wisconsin and fall is one of the most beautiful. September brings with it new schedules and routines, cooler weather, shorter days, new TV shows, Oscar-worthy movies, and lots of baking. In an effort to try my best to embrace this month, despite wanting to hold on dearly to this summer, I wrote a list of things that I want to focus on, strive for, and try this September. What are your September wishes? Here are mine:

1. Check out fall movie trailers online and go see “This Is Where I Leave You” in theaters.

2. Make these Vegan Caramel Mocha Bars.

3. And this pumpkin bread.

3. Try my best to live this every day.

4. Re-read this book until I convert it to memory.

5. Read this incredible true story before the movie is released in December.

6. Take consistent daily action towards my goals this month.

7. Be a better friend, sister, and daughter- listen well, be patient, and offer my help whenever I can.

8. Give my best to a health coaching project in the works.

9. Be grateful every day for the life I have, even when it’s not the my “ideal,” it’s still pretty awesome.

10. Listen to my body; rest when I need it, eat for energy and good health, work hard and challenge myself.

I hope that you are looking forward to this month and have countless things to be happy for. Have a wonderful week!

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