Five Things Friday 9.5.14


Happy Friday! Holy short week! How did yours go? Did it absolutely fly by like mine did? It was a total whirlwind and I was struggling to keep up. I felt a bit overwhelmed with things and needed to take some much needed time alone to process. However, it was still a decent week with beautiful weather. Some mornings required a jacket and I could feel the shift in the seasons. It’s beginning to feel a whole lot like fall around here. What are you up to this weekend? Here are five things that made this week pretty great:

1. Labor Day-A workout that leaves you sore for days afterwards, great food, great company to share it with, and lots of laughs. It was the perfect way to begin the month.

2. Babies-I wouldn’t ever describe myself as a “baby person” in any way. However, I caved when I saw the most beautiful, roley poley, curly-haired, chubby cheeked, blue-eyed baby on Monday. My heart melted. I couldn’t stand it. Her smile lit up the room. Sigh.

3. Basics-The small health food store in town opens at 6 am and has the sweetest people working there. I stop here multiple times a week, spend way too much money, peruse the aisles for ingredients to new recipes, and the employees are always helpful and incredibly kind.

4. New opportunities-You know the saying, when it rains, it pours. I’m really excited for a new health coaching client and a new training opportunity in October. Sometimes it feels like there is no momentum in life, and sometimes you struggle to stay afloat. Finding a balance between the two is essential but not always possible. I’m hoping that this fall a balance is struck.

5. Catching up with a friend-An errand run to Target and an iced soy latte are always better with good company. You know you’re blessed with awesome friends when you leave feeling rejuvenated and lighter.

Favorite Links:

4 Ways To Cure Wanderlust In Between Travel-Spend your nights looking up flights on Kayak to faraway destinations? Me too. This helped.

6 Things To Do In Your Early 20’s-Not just great advice for 20-somethings-I enjoyed reading this and you might too.

My Long-Distance Travel Romance-Paris anyone?

How To Stop Saying ‘Yes’ When You Want To Say ‘No’-We’ve all been there-we take on too much and resent the fact we said yes in the first place. This post makes a lot of good points and is definitely something I need to keep in mind always.

One Spice  Fits All Imbalances-Turmeric is amazing and a spice that has stopped any oncoming colds in its tracks. I toss tablespoons in smoothies. You can also buy turmeric and curcumin pills at your local health food store.

What are your five things this week? Have a fantastic September weekend! I hope it’s full of all your favorite things in life. 🙂

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