Life is short

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It’s the beginning to another week already! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty uneventful but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Drank lots of tea, went on walks with my sister, slept in, took a nap, read, and listened to jazz almost non-stop. Jazz is my go-to when fall hits. Since the weather has been unseasonably cold recently, Spotify’s multiple jazz playlists have been playing on a loop. This weekend allowed for a lot of contemplation and time with my thoughts. This post is a result of some of those thoughts (and clearly a lot of jazz listening).

Not at all an original thought, but life is short. It’s not slowing down. In fact, it feels like it’s been speeding up every day since graduating college. Lately I feel like I’ve been doing a whole lot of talking about what I would like to do and not a whole lot of actual doing. I feel like I’m living on autopilot some days. And it started to scare me. I daydreamed about up and leaving and traveling. I’ve spent countless nights looking up flights to Paris, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Prague, Santorini, and the list goes on. I was feeling restless with my life. I needed to get pushed out of my comfort zone for a bit. It was time to put my thoughts into actions and start living a life that I wouldn’t look back on with regrets. So I finally bought my ticket to London.

Going to London won’t necessarily push me out of my comfort zone. Understanding the language and living in a country with a similar culture will make this trip one of the easier ones I’ve taken. However, it’s forcing me to part with my savings. It’s forcing me to take a financial hit that some would say isn’t the wisest of decisions right now. This trip is keeping me good on my word. At the end of 2013 I wrote down six goals for myself and traveling to London was one of them. I actually hadn’t even looked back on these goals until today. I had completely forgotten about them until I started writing this post. And then I was even more surprised that I had already achieved four of these six goals.

jack ksource

I remember the mindset that I was in when I sat down, thought about my previous year, and wrote down memorable moments, what I was proud of, what was challenging for me, patterns I saw, lessons I’d learned, and areas I would like to work on. I was hopeful, motivated, driven, and ready to begin a new year. I was going to be honest and true to myself. I was going to accomplish what I had set out to do. So finally I decided to stop making excuses for buying this ticket and just do it already.

I asked myself, what am I risking by taking this trip? And then, what am I risking by not taking this trip? Just like anything worthwhile, the risk of not going was a whole lot greater than the risk of going. I would regret letting myself off the hook. I would regret lying to myself about how it’s more important to save and how I could always go next year.

Because I’m beginning to understand that life flies by and before you know it, you’re married with kids, have a mortgage, and more bills than you know what to do with. And right now, I’m deciding to make good on my word, take this trip to London, and have no regrets when I look back on this decade of my life.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading my ramblings on this Monday. I hope you have a great week and decide to do something that you might have put on the back burner for too long. 🙂

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