Five Things Friday 9.26.14

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It’s the last Friday of September! How is this possible? I turn 28 in less than two weeks, go to London in less than a month, and still haven’t managed to figure out my life. I still have time, right? I sure hope so. Sometimes I feel like I’ve got it together and the next, I feel completely lost and have no idea what I’m doing. Do you ever feel that way? This week has been full of those sort of days. I’ve been trying my best to enjoy the perfect fall weather we’ve been getting and enjoy the good things in life. Here are five things that made this week great:

1. Pinterest-Is there anything better? I collect all my recipes here from blogs, save all my favorite quotes, and keep pictures of places that I will travel to someday. It’s one of the websites that I frequent the most!

2. Celebrating 28-I love getting together and celebrating another year in a friend’s life. I love reminiscing about our friendship and being inspired by others’ lives. I don’t see getting older as a bad thing in the least. What I know is that every year I’ve gotten older, life has gotten even better.

3. Dinner being made-This might be the best gesture of them all! Having dinner prepared for me when I get home late from work is amazing. I appreciate the planning, time, and energy that goes into making a meal and I will never take it for granted.

4. An early birthday gift-I received an amazing early birthday gift from one of my clients and it’s a travel book for London! It’s exactly the one I had my eye on and I can’t wait to dive into it and start exploring the city before we go.

5. Being alone-Everyone needs time just for themselves to be quiet, decompress from a hectic day, process, and contemplate. I need to be alone at some point every day. I look forward to it and need to put this time aside in order to feel balanced.

Favorite Links:

When You Want To Make A Change

10 Times When It’s OK To Be Lazy

Cure For The Travel Bug-I really enjoyed reading this post. “Let’s allow wanderlust to spur us to make plans and then to also make them happen. And while we wait for the promised trip, we can live deeply where we are.”

The Five Foods You Should Never Eat-I loved this post because it’s not what you would expect after reading the title. I think you’ll like it too.

Calories Are Not A Bank Account-Robyn’s “What I Ate Wednesday” posts are something I look forward to reading each week. She hits the nail on the head with this one. If you’re hungry, eat. Don’t deprive yourself.

What made your week great? Hope your weekend is fun and filled with your favorite things!

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