28 Things I’ve Learned


It’s Monday already! How was your weekend? I had a very low-key weekend and enjoyed having friends over Saturday evening  for an early birthday dinner. Having your birthday land on a week day can be a bit of a drag so celebrating on the weekend is always a must. I felt so blessed sharing good food with awesome women. I did pretty much nothing on Sunday and enjoyed sleeping in and napping. I also wrote this post which I liked thinking about and reflecting on. Since my 28th birthday is on Tuesday, I decided to write down 28 things I’ve learned throughout the years and pieces of advice for myself that I’d like to remember. Here is the result of a couple hours of reflection over my life so far:

1. Music has a wonderful ability to change a bad mood into a hopeful one.

2. Family, friends, health, balance, travel, and helping others are what you love and your highest priorities-never lose sight of them.

3. A good cry is sometimes all you need.

4. Be outdoors as much as you can; it’s where you’re happiest.

5. Make time for travel-you can always find an excuse not to but you will never, ever regret it. A year from now you won’t remember the money you spent. You’ll only remember the amazing experiences you had, the people you met along the way, and the things you learned about yourself.

6. Take more pictures-you’ll never regret having too many photos of the Colosseum or the Great Wall. You will regret taking only two.

7. Never stop learning-read often, ask questions, keep searching.

8. You are blessed to have two amazing sisters who will always tell you the truth, put you in your place, be your biggest fan, and just get you. Don’t take them for granted.

9. Your parents are human. Don’t expect them to be perfect. They make mistakes too. Cut them some slack.

10. Find the good in everyday-it will immediately change your perspective.

11. Never underestimate a night with your girl friends. Laughing until your stomach hurts, talking for hours, and connecting is good for your soul and will leave you feeling completely blessed.

12. Obey the speed limit-you will get pulled over.

13. Allow yourself to be happy, even when life doesn’t look exactly how you would have expected it to at this point. You know what you love to do, have loving, supportive friends and family, and you’re healthy. Be thankful in this moment.

14. Spend time alone everyday. Be quiet. Listen. Write.

15. Slow down. It’s really not a race. Enjoy the scenery. Be present with others.

16. Stressing about money is pointless. It all ends up OK. Always.

17. Give your time to others. Help out where you can. Lending a hand will always be appreciated.

18. You are never alone. Ask for help when you’re frustrated and just want to give up. You will get through it.

19. Sleep is a non-negotiable. Make it a priority or you will very much regret it the next day.

20. There is a difference between speaking your mind and being rude. Be wise enough to know the difference.

21. Be your own best friend and find comfort in being alone.

22. You can achieve anything you set out to do as long as you’re willing to work for it. You are the only thing stopping you.

23. Practice what you preach. Don’t be a hypocrite. Live your example.

24. Don’t take things personally. The world doesn’t revolve around you. People are fighting their own battles that have absolutely nothing to do with you.

25. Keep exploring your faith. Pray often. Ask for guidance. He has never steered you wrong.

26. You are not behind in life. Stop comparing. You are right where you should be.

27. Live and let live. Let go of what you can’t control. You’ll be so much happier when you fully embrace this.

28. Never look at aging as a bad thing. Be thankful of the years that have preceded, lessons learned, and things accomplished. Look forward to what awesome things will come to you in the next year.

The past 28 years have brought with it amazing experiences and learning about who I am and what kind of a person I’d like to be. I can’t wait to see what the next 28 years bring. Thank you for reading! Have a great Monday!



1 thought on “28 Things I’ve Learned”

  1. So much great insight for your 28 years! It takes many people a lifetime to learn these lessons. So blessed to be you mom!

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