How was your weekend? Can you believe there is only two weeks left in October? Once again, I’m astounded by how fast life is flying by. I was able to get out for a run with my sister yesterday morning and it was one of the highlights of my weekend. Being outside always does wonders for my mind and soul. The cool weather, crunch of leaves, and smell of fall added to one of my favorite ways to start a Sunday.

As I started to get things together for my week-long trip to London, I felt myself growing a bit anxious and it felt familiar to how I feel before every trip I go on. My to-do list is a mile long and my mind is all over the place. Did I pack my converters? Do I have my umbrella? Where is my travel journal? Did I make a copy of my passport? Do I have enough socks? Am I over-packing? Am I under-packing? And it dawns on me, I have grown so used to my routine that a quick trip to a city I’ve been wanting to visit since I was young seems incredibly daunting. Did I remember to breathe?

It’s been so long since I’ve traveled, explored, been completely fascinated by a city, and shaken up my routine. I need this trip, probably more than I know. I’m excited to see places I’ve only ever seen in photographs, in movies, and read about in books. I know that traveling challenges me in a way that nothing else can. My patience and ability to handle stress is tested. Simply figuring out how to get from point A to point B on no sleep, an empty stomach, and a new city to navigate can bring out the ugliest aspects of myself. Traveling has a unique way of uncovering our true character and resilience. It also has a way of making me see the world from a new perspective and appreciating home and those I love like never before.

I will be back to blog next week with photos and hopefully a travel story to share! Have a wonderful week!

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