Five Things Friday 11.7.14

coffee timeimage

Happy Friday! How was your week? I felt as though I was able to get the rest I needed from being jet-lagged last week and be fairly productive. The beginning of the week started out a bit rough as I really started to let my current life situation get to me and pull me into a dark hole of self-pity. Luckily, I tried not to stay there too long and focused on what I could change and use my frustration to get re-focused. 🙂 These five things also helped to cheer me up:

1. Baking-I love to listen to music and focus on the recipe, ingredients, and nothing else. It’s therapeutic for me to bake and I usually end up with something delicious to eat. This week I tried out these paleo pumpkin banana muffins and these banana oatmeal bars, both of which I will definitely make again.

2. Taylor Swift’s new CD-This CD was given to me as a gift on Tuesday and I haven’t stopped listening since. I have all of Taylor Swift’s albums and was very apprehensive about this one as I wasn’t over-the-moon about her single “Shake it off”. However, after a first listen, I was pleasantly surprised. I love that she writes her own songs and I’m always curious about the story behind the song. Have you listened yet? What are  your thoughts?

3. Afternoon walks-Getting out mid-day for a walk to clear my mind and enjoy the fall weather was refreshing and crucial on a day when I let too many things get me down. I came home with a brighter perspective. Walks never fail to pull me out of a bad mood.

4. Duck eggs-Finding duck eggs available at the grocery store this week was a wonderful surprise. I thought that the time had come where duck eggs wouldn’t be available until the spring, but I bought 3 dozen and plan on enjoying them in the next couple weeks.

5. Being surprised by new recipes-I tried a couple new paleo recipes at the beginning of the week and was skeptical of how they would turn out, but they ended up being delicious! I’m looking forward to cooking more recipes from The Paleo Kitchen cookbook next week.

Favorite Links:

Finding Life In The Margins-I loved this post. When you have a bit of time today, definitely give it a read.

9 Self-Care Essentials To Add To Your Life-Self-care is essential and is often the first thing to get neglected. I have to remind myself that I am no good to anyone if I’m run-down, tired, and sick. Making it a priority to do what keeps me feeling healthy, energized, and balanced should always be on the top of my list.

Early Bird Gets The Worm: 9 Reasons Why Morning People Are More Successful-I have always been a fan of mornings since I’m my most productive at that time. I like being able to cross things off my to-do list before noon and then have time in the evenings to do what I want to do.

The Two Most Important Steps To Banish Negative Thoughts For Good-I’ve been very negative and hard on myself this week. I appreciated this post and need to incorporate this into my daily life.

How To See Results From Working Out-Simple, honest, and straight to the point. I want to share this post with all my clients who are frustrated with seeing results.

I hope that you are looking forward to the weekend and that it’s fun, relaxing, productive, and with your favorite people!

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