Five Things Friday 11.14.14

breakfast in bedsource

Happy Friday! How was your week? Winter temperatures hit this week and it reminded me that we are indeed in mid-November and once again, I’m left wondering how life can fly by so quickly. I have been feeling very fatigued, sore, achy, and not like myself the past week or so and on Wednesday I was hit with a fever and a terrible sore throat. I don’t remember feeling this sick, maybe, ever. It was the kind of sick that everything you do hurts, swallowing makes you wince in pain, and you just want to cry. I went into Urgent Care and they did blood work and a strep test and it turns out I have mono. I may have had it for a couple weeks which would explain my very sore neck due to inflamed lymph nodes and my inability to recover after workouts. It’s been a bit of a dark cloud over the week but as my dad pointed out, “Well, you don’t have Ebola. It’s not life threatening. You’ll be fine.” Life will go on. Here are five things that really helped me out this week:

1. My mom-She spent the better part of her day off with me in Urgent Care and even giving me an acupressure treatment to help boost my immune system. I may be 28 years old but when you’re really sick, no matter what your age, having your mom around makes everything much better.

2. My sisters-Sisters are the best because they will answer your phone call while they’re at work, listen to you cry about how crummy you feel, sympathize with you, and check in on you later in the day to make sure you’re holding up OK. I never feel bad about being dramatic or emotional, because they just get it.

3. My boyfriend-Bringing over a book that I had wanted to read, throat lozenges, and throat numbing spray was very sweet and his sense of humor always lifts my spirits.

4. Green smoothies-I tried to drink one per day even though something cold was the last thing I wanted to consume. Coconut water, frozen mango, apple, and lots of spinach was the smoothie of the week.

5. Epsom salt baths with lavender-After a long day, sore muscles, and an overall feeling of fatigue, soaking in a hot bath before bed was amazing. It was quiet, smelled wonderful, and it was what I needed to restore calm into my life.

Favorite Links:

6 Areas To Assess If You’re Regularly Tired In WODs-Not just applicable to CrossFitters, but to everyone who has been feeling consistently fatigued (more than usual) after workouts.

3 Empowering Ways To Move Past Rejection-I love Shannon’s blog and with every post I can find myself relating in some way. We’ve all faced rejection during our life and this is great advice to keep you staying positive and moving forward.

3 Steps To Ensure You Are On The Right Path-This exercise is simple but I love how it is able to show you what matters most to you and how your current actions may/may not be serving you. I am keeping this in mind to do with my health coaching clients and to complete for myself.

Barley Risotto with Kale and Butternut Squash-I can’t wait to make this!

Turkey, Wild Rice, and Cranberry Stuffed Peppers-These look delicious and I forgot how much I love stuffed peppers. The filling looks amazing too!

I hope you have a healthy, relaxing, and fun weekend ahead!


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