Five Things Friday 11.21.14

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It’s the 21st of November…almost one month away from Christmas! How? I think that must be the theme of my year-How did we get here? I never know where the time goes. How was your week? I hope your life isn’t going by at shocking speeds too and that you are looking forward to your weekend! I will be working on Saturday morning and then heading to a family wedding that afternoon and those are the extent of my weekend plans. I know that menu planning for Thanksgiving will also occur but I’ve been enjoying looking at new recipes. I’ve never been a fan of sticking to the same recipes year after year. I like to switch it up and try some things that are a bit different but still incorporate the favorites. Continuing with my gratitude practice that I set out to do each week at the start of the year, here are five things that made this week great:

1. Antibiotics-I couldn’t take the pain anymore and decided that I needed antibiotics. After just two days worth I felt my tonsillitis finally subside and I started feeling much better. Thank goodness for modern medicine and feeling human again.

2. Breakfast-It’s always been my favorite meal of the day and making these traditional buttermilk pancakes with oat flour for my mom’s birthday made it even better. Eggs, english muffins, fruit, pancakes, coffee…breakfast food is the absolute best!

3. CrossFit-Nothing has been as humbling this week than trying to work out again. I was told by the doctor that I could continue to work out through mono but I just couldn’t lift heavy and I had to listen to my body. I feel like I’m back at square one. It’s completely frustrating but I have to remind myself that for right now, things are going to suck. But that’s life. It could be much, much worse. And I’m thankful that I have an able body that can work out in the first place.

4. Thanksgiving recipes-Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week already? My mom is hosting and we are only expecting ten guests, but I’ve got a few recipes I’m excited to try out like these apple bacon stuffed sweet potatoes, this cranberry orange sauce, and this shaved brussel sprout salad with apple and pomegranate.

5. Choosing names for Christmas-I know I seem like a total Scrooge when it comes to Christmas but I thought it would be best if our family picked names this year of one person to buy for at a $50 limit. We wrote down 3-5 items we would like this Christmas and it just seemed to simplify things. I’m always at a loss as to what to buy my mom and dad (they have everything) and my sisters are almost too easy to buy for that I don’t know how much money to spend until I’m already broke. Hopefully this system can solve that and we can shift our focus from buying to hanging out as a family while enjoying awesome food.

Favorite Links:

50 Cities To See In Your Lifetime-A quick read to spark your wanderlust and make a few additions to your bucket list.

5 Ways To Measure The Quality Of Your Life-I love that this post gives us a way to look inward and a new perspective on how to look at our lives instead of the conventional, “Are you married? Do you own a home? Do you have kids? What do you do for work?”

Are We Sitting To Death?-Definitely why I am an advocate for wearing a Fitbit during the winter months when physical activity really decreases. Forty-five minutes to one hour of exercise 3x/week is simply not enough. We have to move more. We weren’t designed to be sedentary beings.

Don’t Buy Stuff You Don’t Need-I liked reading this post during the time of year when shopping for stuff is at its peak. I loved this message and thought I would share it with you too.

The World’s Tallest Roller Coaster-It will debut in 2017 in Orlando. The animation of this coaster looks amazing!

Happy Friday! What are your five things this week? I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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