A month to love

Christmas tree carsource

Happy December 1st! How was your weekend? I hope it was a long one and you were able to relax, nap, and mentally prepare for the week ahead. It’s hard to believe that there is only three and half weeks until Christmas. This month tends to be hectic for everyone; work parties, shopping, over-eating, financial stress, less physical activity, and trying to please everyone. Sometimes we start the new year feeling frenzied, exhausted, or sick and there’s no wonder why.

What if this month we make a promise to ourselves that we won’t put our self-care on the back burner. We don’t do things because we think we should and we only do the things that bring us joy. Instead of spending money on countless material items, maybe we give our time and undivided attention. What if we give up trying to please everyone by saying ‘yes’ to every invite and politely decline in order to enjoy some much needed down time. What if we decide to nourish our bodies with clean, whole foods that give us energy, keep us feeling full, and boost our immune system and decide to pass on the endless amounts of cookies and treats? What if December was a month of reflecting, goal setting, and celebration of our accomplishments over the past year instead of hurried, stressful busyness?

If we promised this to ourselves, we might approach January with a new, refreshed state of mind. It would become a month of excitement, hopefulness, and optimism instead of a month where we play catch up on credit card payments, start a juice detox that leaves us deprived and hungry, and feel defeated after abandoning resolutions.

How will you make this month one you enjoy, remember, and look forward to each year?

I will promise to put self-care first by staying active, sleeping 8 hours every night, and making fruit and veggies a priority each day. I also promise to allow myself the down time that I need to recharge, reflect, and be alone. But most of all, I promise to be grateful for the times I spend with friends and family, take advantage of what this season has to offer, be giving of my time, and lend a helping hand whenever I can.

Happy December! I hope it’s a wonderful month!

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