Today’s Top 3: weekend, eats, and food blogs

happy snowsource

How was your weekend? Only ten more days to Christmas! I know, no one really needs a reminder. I am desperately racking my brain to figure out the perfect gift and it’s driving me nuts. I have ideas but nothing has really thrilled me yet so I’ve been stalling. I’m trying to not go completely broke either which puts a damper on things as well. Also, where is the snow? This December feels a little more like March. Here’s to wishing for sun and snow before next week! A Wisconsin Christmas with no snow just seems wrong. Here are some of my favorite things lately in a “Top 3” round-up.

Top 3 this weekend-

  • Not working on Saturday, sleeping in, and baking up a new recipe for breakfast.
  • Running a few miles in the foggy, dreary weather with good company.
  • Listening to my friend sing her heart out on Saturday evening and catching up with good friends.

Top 3 eats-

  • Pomegranates-They are so good right now and taking the time to seed them is completely worth it.
  • These banana oatmeal bars; I’ve baked them once before and loved them! Super easy and delicious.
  • Cafe Porta Alba in Madison-their Regina pizza with buffalo mozzarella, crushed tomatoes, and basil is awesome!

Top 3 food blogs I’m loving-

What are your top 3 from the weekend? I hope you have a wonderful week and that it is full of friends, fun things, and a new recipe or two! 🙂

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