2014 in review

let it snowsource

Here’s to snow this week so we can have a white Christmas! How was your weekend? I hope that you are feeling prepared and ready for Christmas. I’ve got a bit of baking to do on Wednesday and double-checking I have all my ingredients for Christmas brunch, but other than that, I feel ready. Feeling prepared for my re-certification exam is another thing however…

As this month comes to a close and 2015 is only a week and a half away, I spent some time this weekend taking a look back on 2014. It wasn’t a groundbreaking year. I didn’t quit my job to travel around the world. I didn’t get married. Or have a baby. Or buy a house. But this year was made up of a lot of little things. Little big things, really. A lot of learning experiences. I tried some new things. I got to know myself more and discovered more about what I love to do. Looking at the year almost behind me, here are a few things that came to mind that I did do:

Made some new friends.

Traveled to Boulder, CO with my sister and soaked up the mountain air, sunshine, and spent time with my aunt and uncle.

Earned my certificate in holistic health coaching and began coaching clients.

Wrote more and realized how much writing helps me process life.

Traveled to London and spent a week exploring the city with my sister. It was a trip full of laughter and one I’ll never forget.

Cooked and baked…a lot. Got excited about food and shared my passion with anyone who wanted to listen and sample.

Tried to take care of myself better than ever before; ate healthier, cut my sugar addiction, kept active, slept more, and did more of what I love.

Started eating meat again and realized how much I needed it back in my diet.

Began blogging twice a week.

Enjoyed my summer; went on bike rides, ran in the evenings, ate lots of ice cream, meandered around Madison, drank a lot of iced coffees, read outside, and listened to country music constantly.

Challenged myself with CrossFit and learned just how important mental toughness can be.

Started dating the sweetest guy I’ve ever met.

Got offered a new job and hope that I will be challenged, learn new things, and able to expand my skill set.

I hope that you can take some time this week among the busyness and look back on your year. What did you accomplish? What challenged you? What are your goals for 2015?

Merry Christmas! I hope that your week is full of loved ones, laughter, and awesome food!

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