Moments of 2015

I published this blog post in February 2014 and I wanted to re-blog it. I had such a good time going through my 2014 memory jar. I laughed at things I had written down and remembered places I had gone, things I had done, grueling workouts completed, days spent with my sisters, quotes I had liked, and books I had read. I am going to continue this tradition for 2015 and I’ve already added three moments to my jar I want to remember when this new year comes to an end. Years fly by, but this time, I was able to see that I had accomplished my goals and made strides to understanding myself more and where I want go in the future.


As part of my goals for 2014 I wanted to begin a practice of gratitude and mindfulness. When the new year began and I was reflecting on what my memorable moments were, what I was proud of, challenges I had, and lessons I had learned; I realized that I had forgotten a lot of the day-to-day great moments. I couldn’t remember what had made me laugh the most, the most delicious meal I had eaten, the best movie I’d seen, the book I enjoyed reading the most, funny quotes that were said, etc. I decided that this year would be different. This year I would write down those moments I didn’t want to forget, even if it was just a funny thing that was said, a compliment that was given, or the best sweet potato fries shared with friends. On December 31st of this year, I’ll have a jar full of memories I can look back on and read, remember, laugh, and be thankful.

After I graduated college, time seemed to start moving at a rapid pace. Weeks would fly by, months would come and go, and before I knew it, I was a year older and had absolutely no idea how I had gotten there. This practice is my small attempt at slowing down the rapid pace of life. I want to become mindful of the tasks that I choose to fill my day with and stop taking for granted the life I’ve been blessed with.

If you want to start this gratitude practice, just grab any old jar, can, or box and start writing down anything that happens that you know you’d like to remember and reflect upon come the end of the year. Being grateful for what you have already will attract more good things into your life!

Happy Monday!

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