Five Things Friday 1.9.15

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Happy Friday! How was your week? Winter came at us big time this week. Wisconsin was hit with snow and frigid temperatures. January can be a rough month as well. The holidays are over and everyone is back to work without another holiday off for months. It’s a long month too and tends to be one of the very coldest.  It’s the time of year when most people wonder why they choose to live here. But I also find it to be a tough month mentally. Each year I find myself struggling with staying positive, energized, and motivated. What about you? Well, I love the links I posted this week and I hope you do too! And if you are struggling the same way I am, they might help you out too. Here are five things that helped make this week great:

1. Reading blogs-I spend a pretty large portion of my mornings reading blogs about food, CrossFit, healthy living, and overall wellness. I love how many bloggers are so open and honest in writing their posts, especially this one. I am constantly inspired to try new recipes, workouts, books, and ways to live a more happy, driven life.

2. A good night sleep-I can never underestimate the power of a good night sleep. Getting to bed by 8:30 pm and sleeping for 10 hours had me feeling like new again the next morning. I was less sore and felt ready to take on the day.

3. Tazo Zen tea-I love this green tea with hints of spearmint and lemongrass. It helps me get my water intake in throughout the day since drinking ice cold water when it’s completely freezing outside isn’t something I have wanted to do lately.

4. A workout partner-Beginning a new job this week has thrown my usual CrossFit schedule off and I’m lucky enough to have a workout partner for the afternoons when I’m free. It’s been a change of pace but it’s been fun too.

5. Prepping food for the week-Baking sweet potato wedges, making a batch of quinoa, homemade larabars, and trying this vanilla almond overnight quinoa for breakfast set up the week really nicely and eating well was a breeze.

Favorite Links:

New Year. New Word Of The Year-I love this idea of choosing a word that will encompass and help guide choices made throughout the year. What would your word be?

12 Easy Ways to Have The Best Day Ever Every Day-For real though, these are great tips. I love #1 and #12, both of which I’m going to incorporate more into my day.

No More Absolutes-It’s about the journey. Not all or nothing.

5 Simple Ways To Be Healthier In The New Year-Simple? Yes. But putting these 5 things into play requires time, a bit of effort, and making it a priority.

How To Listen To Your Body-Loved this post because I see it constantly with clients I have worked with as well as with myself. It’s not an easy feat, but paying attention to what our bodies are trying to tell us is the most crucial step towards better health and a happier life.

Have a great weekend!

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