Making space for the things that matter

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There has been a shift in me and I don’t know when it happened. Sometimes change is so subtle that you don’t recognize anything is different. Until one day, something might happen that will suddenly make you realize you’re no longer the person you used to be. This happened to me at the grocery store a few weeks ago.

I was in line at the checkout and I looked over at the magazines on display. People or US Weekly or possibly another celebrity gossip magazine had a famous celebrity couple on the cover that had just gotten engaged. I didn’t even know they were a couple. OK, so this seems so silly. But, the me two years ago would have known that fact in addition to all of the details of the upcoming nuptials. I would read gossip blogs constantly, watched all the award shows, and would go see every movie nominated for an Oscar. I knew who was dating who, who broke up, who was pregnant, and who was getting married. I had a different TV show to watch every night of the week.

Somewhere along the way, this all changed. I don’t follow a single TV show anymore, except for The Bachelor (old habits die hard I guess). I don’t read any gossip blogs. I don’t keep up on movies. I have no idea which celebrities are getting married, or breaking up, or getting arrested. It was my entertainment and it was fun to gossip about with fellow co-workers. I don’t know when exactly I stopped following celebrities’ lives. But I’m starting to figure out why.

My work schedule has shifted frequently throughout the past two years. During the week, I rarely sleep past 5 am. I work most evenings until 7-8 pm. My downtime is in the afternoon which is when I blog, run errands, health coach, or workout. I simply do not have the extra time I used to have in order to keep up with it all.

Now, in the evenings, I hate the sound of TV. Instead, I read, or write, or go to bed early. I just downloaded two meditation apps on my phone to help quiet my loud mind in hopes of inspiring a good night sleep. I follow food and healthy lifestyle blogs instead of gossip blogs. Going to see a movie happens maybe once every few months. I didn’t watch the Golden Globes and couldn’t tell you who is nominated for an Oscar.

I may have simplified my life without fully realizing it. It may have been self-preservation. As my life got a little more hectic, I needed to clear out any of the added “junk” so-to-speak to have more room for the other stuff. The stuff that keeps my mind awake during sleepless nights, the stuff that makes me feel alive, and the stuff that I constantly question. I think my mind could only handle so much worrying and anxiety over finances, career, relationships, and what my next step should be that the time it spent on celebrities’ lives became completely moot.

I’ll no longer be the girl that is always in the know about pop culture. Instead, I am the girl you can come to if you need new recipe inspiration, workout motivation, someone to listen to your latest travel adventures or tough CrossFit workout you conquered. I am the girl you can chat with about the awesome book you just finished or the cooking class you attended. What I fill my extra time with has shifted, and I’m OK with that.

What have you let go of in order to make space for the things that matter more in your life? Have a great week and see you Friday!

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