Life in seasons

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As I make my way through the miserable, beautiful, lesson-learning decade of my twenties, I’m realizing that life goes through seasons. Just as inevitable and passing as the dark, cold, harsh Wisconsin winters so are the feelings of doubt, worry, and uncertainty.

I’ve been meeting my life head-on lately with lots of resistance. I’ve been resistant in my relationships, job, attitude on life, and my future. The feelings of being forever stuck where I am flood over me and I lose complete sight of the shore. Anxiety blinds me so much that it overtakes me and I’m left feeling nothing but hopeless. I can’t remember what it felt like to know that I’m making steps towards a goal. That what I’m doing on a daily basis will pay off. That I’m not just running in circles but making progress.

This season has come and gone in my life many times in the past ten years. It has passed and I’ve become hopeful again. I know that it won’t always be this way. I know that if I pray and not let my anxiety encompass every hour of every day, I’ll make it out OK. I know that if I lean on my sisters and laugh until my stomach hurts, catch up with a friend and talk for hours, and spend a lazy Sunday with the guy I love, I’ll remember that life has its beauty. And I need to keep my head up.

I will find my way out of this season in my life. If you are having similar feelings of doubt and anxiety about where you are in life right now, just know you aren’t alone. Remember that you have people who love you and who want to help. Accept it. And take it one day at a time. Spring will eventually come. And you’ll be happy, hopeful, and confident in the journey once again.

Happy Monday!

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