Five Things Friday 2.13.15


I can’t believe it’s Friday already! How was your week? I hope that it was good and that your Friday is off to a great start. What are your plans this weekend? My week went by in a bit of a blur. I just tried to take it day by day and not get too caught up in what tomorrow would bring. I did what I could to be productive that day and continued that theme throughout the week. It seemed to work out OK and Friday rolled around incredibly quick! Unfortunately, I’m failing miserably at this whole sleep thing and I’m looking forward to some rest. Here are five things that stood out to me this week that I am thankful for:

1. My group class-For the most part, they all look forward to coming and working out. And on the days that they really don’t want to be there, they leave feeling better than when they started. And that, is a definite win.

2. New running shoes-I finally bought running shoes last weekend and gave them a go. It felt good to have a shoe that wasn’t completely broken down and it gave me a chance to go for a run, even if it was only on a treadmill. These freezing temperatures are killing me!

3. Caring co-workers-Since starting a new job in January, it’s a good feeling when you have co-workers who look out for your well-being. I am so appreciative of that fact.

4. Workouts-They kicked my ass this week and I was incredibly sore, but I also pushed myself. I didn’t focus on my time or what anyone else was doing, I just zeroed in on how I was feeling and what I could do that day. I had more fun with workouts this week too which is a huge win.

5. This weekend-Besides the usual weekend stuff (laundry, grocery shopping, meal prep, etc.), I have nothing on the agenda. I’ve been waiting for one of these weekends for a very long time and I’m looking forward to resting and relaxing.

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without some awesome desserts! Here are a few recipes to try this weekend:

Valentine’s Molten Chocolate Cakes

Almond Butter Blondies

Almond Butter Cups

Soft and Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies

Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Truffles

I hope you have an awesome weekend and a very happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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