4 things I want to do more of this week

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Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I hope you indulged in delicious treats on Valentine’s Day! I had a very low-key weekend and it was much-needed. I was able to catch up on some rest, eat great food, and prep for a few things this week. As I was taking a look at the week ahead, I realized that there are a few things that I would really like to focus on and make sure that I do more of during my Monday through Friday.

1. Rest-Take naps between work shifts and get to bed around 9 pm each night. It may seem early but I know how much sleep my body needs and if I don’t get it, I end up feeling very run-down, my muscles don’t recover from workouts, and I’m overly emotional. In short, I don’t like the person I am without sufficient rest. It needs to be a priority this week.

2. Read-I didn’t read at all last week, outside of blog posts, and I really missed it. I would like to read at least a chapter in the book I’ve started each night. It will also inspire me to put my phone down before I go to bed and hopefully help me fall asleep faster.

3. Connect with friends-I really miss my girlfriends in Madison and would love to catch up with them soon. I’m making it a point this week to reach out and set a date to see them. Lots of laughs, hours of talking, and the feeling of connectedness that only decades of friendship can bring are guaranteed.

4. Following this 80/20 rule for my mindset-This week, I want to laugh more and not focus too much on the future. I want to take it day by day and do my best. I also want to allow myself that 20 percent each day to sit with my emotions and stop judging myself for having them.

What do you want to do more of this week? I hope you have a wonderful week and I’ll see you Friday!

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