Five Things Friday 2.20.15


Can you believe February is almost over? Holy cow, this month cruised by! How was your week? It has been absolutely frigid this week and has made being outside almost unbearable. I’ve been drinking lots of tea and eating hot oatmeal and soup in hopes of staying warm. What has made this week great for you? Here are five things that I loved and that I am so thankful for:

1. Coconut milk lattes-Starbucks introduced coconut milk to their menu this week and I was so pumped! I got a latte on Monday after my early morning shift and drank it while watching The Bachelor recorded from the previous night. Does it get any better?

2. Change in schedule-Only two early mornings this week which allowed for a leisurely morning on Tuesday and it was awesome. I got to sleep in, eat a big breakfast, read blogs, and take my time. Mornings are my sacred time and I’ve so missed them.

3. Snacks-They are always important during my days and I’ve been loving these raw banana bread balls, clementines, pink lady apples, and dates with sunflower butter.

4. Catching up with friends-I always look forward to seeing these two women. I look up to them both since they are both moms and seem to have it all together. I always learn something from these two and I leave feeling inspired.

5. A sweet email from my sister-She shared with me some bible verses from her bible study that she found might be helpful to me at this point in my life and I so appreciated them. I love that she’s looking out for me and wanting to help out any way she can. Sisters are the best and I’m so blessed.

Favorite Links and Recipes-

Embracing Rest in a Culture of Busy-This was a great read this week. I hope you enjoy it too.

Roasted Root Vegetable Buddha Bowls with Maple Cinnamon Tahini Dressing-I can’t wait to try out this dressing!

Sweet Potato Cookies-Sweet potatoes in cookies? Finally!

Greek Gnocchi Skillet with Whipped Feta Cream-This looks like an awesome Sunday dinner. 🙂

Stay warm this weekend and I hope it’s restful, productive, and exactly what you need it to be!

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