Five Things Friday 3.20.15


Hey guys! Happy Friday! How was your week? I hope it was filled with great sleep, fun workouts, and hopefully some delicious food too. The days leading up to a vacation can be a bit chaotic with packing, laundry, getting things at work squared away, and running errands. But I think (or hope!) I have everything ready to go. I’m writing this post during the middle of the week and by the time it’s posted, I’ll be in San Diego. I wanted to leave you with some great links to read and a quick reminder to do your own “five things Friday” today and list some things that you’re thankful for this week. Here are my five things I am grateful for:

1. The opportunity to travel-Prioritizing travel and making it happen is very important to me. Now that I am officially in San Diego, I’m looking forward to hikes, bike rides, sun, fresh food, awesome views, exploring a new city, and hopefully some down time too!

2. “Collect moments, not things.”-Going through my closet and donating old clothes, shoes, and purses always makes me feel lighter, organized, and ready for the new season.

3. Snacks-I’ve had some great snacks this week and wanted to share what I’ve been loving. Larabars were on sale and the chocolate coconut chew is awesome. I stocked up on some roasted edamame, organic roasted cashews and pepitas for the flight, and this 3-ingredient pancake (1/2 cooked sweet potato, 1 egg, 1 tbsp. almond butter) with berries on top fueled me for a workout.

4. An evening walk-A quick walk after work while enjoying a good playlist and the last hours of sunlight are always a perfect recipe for a better mood.

5. My dad’s birthday-Even though I won’t be there to celebrate on Sunday with the family, (and even though he doesn’t read my blog), I wish him a very happy birthday and hope he has a great day! I will always appreciate his whistling skills, his random gems of life advice, and his sense of humor.

Favorite Links:

You Are Not Your Diet– “Health and fitness should be a means for you to pursue the best version of yourself while living a more awesome life.” Amen. I loved this post and hope you’ll give it a read.

The Massive Fitness Trend That’s Not Actually Healthy At All– “Find the middle ground. Be OK with discomfort, and learn to interpret your body’s language, sensations, and signals, so you know which days you can/should push and which days you need to back off and recover. This is something you can’t outsource, and the better you get at listening to how your body feels, the easier it is to train hard, reach your goals, and avoid injuries and disease.” Another great read for a Friday and one that hit home for me as I know I’ve been one to not rest when I’m run-down and have viewed working out as an obligation rather than something I love to do.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait For Others To Validate Your Decisions– “I was looking for their approval not because it was something I truly needed to move forward, but because I feared failure and hoped that I could hear that someone believed in me.”-I could absolutely relate to this post, especially this quote. Being true to who we are and what we want is not easy. I hope this post gives you that small push you may need to try something new you’ve been thinking about for awhile now. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend! I won’t be posting on Monday but a recap of the trip will come soon!

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