Five Things Friday 3.27.15

La Jolla Cove Beach FTFHappy Friday! How was your week? I missed blogging on Monday and wanted to do a special edition of five things Friday this week! This will be the San Diego edition today and I hope you enjoy it! We got back home on Tuesday evening and the rest of the week was a bit of a whirlwind. It’s been tough leaving a city like San Diego and arriving home where it’s gray, cold, and dreary. Here are the five things I was grateful for on this amazing trip:

1. The city-This was my very first time in California and the moment we stepped off the plane, you could feel a shift occur. The sun was bright, palm trees lined the roads of the airport, and the temperature was a perfect 70 degrees. We stripped a layer of sweatshirts and jackets, put on our sunglasses, and we were ready to explore and enjoy the change of scenery. San Diego has everything to offer and we both fell for the city right away.

2. The beaches-We explored Coronado beach with it’s glimmering gold sand (it really does look like there are speckles of gold in the sand), La Jolla Cove beach where we saw sea lions sunbathing and took in the extraordinary views, and strolled down the boardwalk along Mission Beach. We also watched the sunset at Sunset Cliffs and the scenery was breathtaking. How could you ever tire of this view?

sunset cliffs

3. The weather-It was sunny and 70’s every day. Every. Day. Can you imagine? It was pure heaven.

4. The food-Oh my goodness. The food. Yellowtail seafood burrito, ceviche (at multiple restaurants), ahi tuna nicoise salad, bacon-wrapped blue cheese stuffed dates, seafood paella, more ahi tuna, sipping iced coffees along the beach, and gulping down iced teas in the afternoon. I could eat seafood every day. And you most certainly could in this city. The grocery stores offer countless organic foods and healthy grab-and-go options for a busy day. San Diego makes eating fresh and healthy a breeze.

ahi tuna

5. The company-The best part about traveling and exploring a new city is being able to share the experience with someone. I had the perfect companion along with me. It makes it easy when you have similar interests (let’s be active and outside all day and eat awesome food!) and similar schedules (early to rise and early to bed). You learn a lot about a person when you travel with them and this trip made me realize that it really didn’t matter where we went, it was always going to be the best of times because he was along for the ride.

Favorite Links:

Stop Fearing Uncertainty and Get Excited About Possibilities-“As I was lamenting my terrible uncertainty, and the horrible future that would befall me since I still didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up, my wise friend said, “I am so jealous, you can go anywhere.” Just like that it clicked. My friend was jealous of the uncertain future that lay ahead of me.” I read this post in the San Diego airport waiting to board the plane for home. And I realized that I’m in this exact same position. The possibilities are endless. It’s scary and liberating at the same time.

What Is Your Greatest Regret?-This is an amazing project that a young artist set out to do. I loved looking at her photographs. Most of these regrets are of things people didn’t do. A great reminder for a Friday. 🙂

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