What I’m making time for this week


Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I hope you had a wonderful Easter with family and friends and hopefully you enjoyed some delicious food as well! I had an awesome weekend-seeing Kevin Hart in Milwaukee was fantastic, I loved walking around the city and sharing my favorite places (Collectivo coffee by the lake, Lake Park, Third Ward), my sister made us delicious lentil tacos for dinner, and Easter was spent with my favorite people and enjoying too much chocolate.

We had a beautiful Sunday morning, high 50’s and sunny, and I took advantage of it by getting out for a quick run before company showed up. It was incredibly refreshing and gave me some time to reflect and be grateful for all that I’ve been blessed with in this life. I also realized that I want to continue to challenge myself and make sure that I try new things. So this week, besides the usual everyday tasks and to-dos, I am going to make time for these things and I thought I would share them with you.

Learn something new: There are a couple of podcasts on the blog Balanced Bites that I’ve saved and have been meaning to listen to but simply haven’t taken the time. This week, I want to listen to one on Hashimoto’s and hormone balance.

Try a new recipe: This spring wheatberry salad looks delicious, or this one pan chicken and zucchini skillet (so simple!), or this green smoothie bowl for breakfast or a snack.

Write one page a day: I was gifted this wonderful book and I’m going to use the writing prompts on each page each day this week to help inspire me to write more on a regular basis.

What will you make time for this week? What is something new you will try? Have fun and see you Friday!

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