Five Things Friday 5.1.15

van and beach2source

Hey guys! Happy Friday and May 1st! I was notified that my post on Monday wasn’t sent out via email so if you missed it, here it is! What went well for you this week? I hope that it was productive and also filled with the things you love too. I’ve really enjoyed all of the clients I’ve trained this week. Each client works hard in their workouts, are determined, and do not complain. It’s been fantastic! I’ve also loved getting to know them a little more with each session and look forward to chatting with them each week. Here are five things that made this week great:

1. Awesome new recipes-Dinners this week have been on point! I always like to try out new recipes each week and so far each one has been fantastic! In particular, these fish tacos with mango salsa and spicy mayo were amazing; super simple, quick, and with a ton of flavor. I can’t wait to make them again sometime soon!

2. Reading Brene Brown’s “Daring Greatly”-I loved her TED talk on vulnerability and shame and also this one on why your critics don’t matter. Ever since, I’ve been meaning to read her books. I’ve only just began “Daring Greatly” and it already has me questioning the way that I am in relationships with my family and friends and the person I am as a whole. I love her ideas on living wholeheartedly and being courageous. Let me know if you watch her TED talks and let’s discuss!

3. Sunshine every day-We’ve been blessed with sunshine and 60’s every day this week and you just can’t underestimate the power of longer days and sun. Waking up at 5 am is so much easier with the sun beginning to rise and birds chirping.

4. Evenings-They’ve been spent drinking tea, reading, and enjoying quiet. It’s been the perfect combination in finding a sense of calm and de-stressing before falling asleep.

5. Looking forward to celebrating my sister’s 26th birthday-My family is getting together to grill out, play lawn games, drink wine punch, and enjoy the sunshine in celebration of my little sister’s upcoming birthday. With her creativity, kind heart, sense of humor, and the way she makes everyone she meets feel heard, cared for, and appreciated-she makes the world a better place. 🙂

Favorite Links:

10 TED Talks For When You Feel Totally Burned Out-Aren’t TED talks the best? I hope you enjoy these!

Coffee Buying Guide-I love coffee but find the world of coffee a bit overwhelming. What’s the best brand? Organic?Fair trade? Do I buy whole beans or ground? This guide breaks it all down to help you find the best coffee out there.

I hope your weekend is filled with sunshine, the ones you love, laughter, and a nap or two! See you Monday!

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