The feeling of summer


Good morning! How was your weekend? I hope you could spend it enjoying the beautiful weather we had and taking time to do the things you love. My family got together to celebrate my sister’s birthday on Saturday where we ate grilled chicken, munched on salads, drank wine punch, and enjoyed this amazing peanut butter fudge brownie trifle my mom made for the occasion. I had a sleepover with my sister, slept in later than I have in months, went on a walk, and watched the sunset as we headed back from Brookfield. Because this weekend felt so much like summer, I was inspired to think about why it is people from Wisconsin love this time of year so very much.

For obvious reasons, we take full advantage of the warm, sunny weather because we know this time is fleeting. We have 4-5 months, maybe, of decent summertime weather and we’ve got a whole lot we want to do during that time. We plan vacations, make summer to-do lists, visit the farmer’s markets, plant gardens and spend time perfecting the yard, go on bike rides, take evening walks, tailgate at baseball games, invite friends over to grill out, eat outside, escape to cabins up north, eat ice cream, enjoy beverages on the terrace, and the list goes on. It’s my favorite time of year but not only for the endless opportunities that this season allows for, but it’s the feeling of summer that I love.

It’s the feeling of leaving the windows open during the night and waking up to the smell of fresh air and birds chirping. The feeling of leaving work early on a Friday to allow time to drive up north and take full advantage of the weekend. The feeling of laughing and talking around a fire with friends until the late hours of the night. The feeling of a leisurely Saturday spent with friends strolling the farmer’s market and drinking iced coffees. It just seems like everyone understands that this is the best time of year so they live it up. Worries that may occupy too much head space during the colder months and general “What the heck am I doing with my life?” anxieties seem to drop away for the time being. It feels like the season is full of opportunity and a time for new, good things to happen.

So I hope that you are feeling excited for what this season may bring and just allow yourself to sit back and enjoy all that it has to offer you. 🙂

I hope your week is wonderful and I’ll see you Friday!

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