Five Things Friday 5.8.15

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Happy Friday to you! How did your week go? This was one of those weeks where I had absolutely no idea where the time had gone. Before I knew it, Thursday was here and I was finishing up this blog post already! I hope your day at work flies by so you can get to enjoying your weekend. What are your plans? As for me, I’m hoping that the rain holds off on Saturday so I can meander around the Madison farmer’s market in the late morning and enjoy some time with my sister. But before I look forward to that, here are five little but noteworthy things that made this week a good one:

1. Iced coffee in the mornings-I’ve been brewing coffee in the evenings and then sticking the pot in the fridge overnight so in the morning I can pour myself some iced coffee and add in a bit of almond milk. So far, I’ve been enjoying the morning blend from Cafe Fair.

2. Summer weather-Despite some rainy days, Thursday was exceptional with lots of sunshine and 80 degrees. I could get used to this kind of weather and hope it sticks around!

3. Frozen bananas-I’ve loved making banana ice cream and throwing them in smoothies. I try to keep a tupperware container of peeled, banana slices in the freezer at all times in case a sweet craving hits and then I can whip up a delicious treat in a hurry.

4. Sleeping with the windows open-I loved the rain we got early on this week because it was the perfect setting for a really good night sleep. Sleep has been so good lately and I didn’t mind sleeping a bit later than usual on the one day of the week when I don’t need to rush to the gym. The rain provides a wonderful excuse for a lazy morning (not that you ever need an excuse!). 🙂

5. Looking forward to celebrating my mom-I’ll be cooking her up some dinner and doing the dishes for Mother’s Day! My mom is pretty easy to please so any meal she doesn’t have to cook herself is considered a good one. She always made awesome home-cooked meals for us growing up as well as hosting every holiday. So making dinner for her is the least I can do to help her out this weekend.

Favorite Links:

The Happy Secret To Better Work-I’ve been on a TED talk kick lately and I loved this one. If you have a chance to listen to it today, I hope you do! It has a wonderful message about how we can start to transform the way we view work and our life to find more happiness and fulfillment.

4 Tips To Help You Choose When You Have A Lot Of Passions-This is such a helpful read and I loved her advice. Her first tip, in particular, was one that resonated with me; “beginning with the end in mind.” If we know what sort of hours we want to work, the location of where we would like to be, the pay we desire, the people we want to work with, and the work we want to do, we can start to create a life we look forward to living.

How To Get Fit (Even If You’re Crazy Busy and Don’t Know Where To Start-Awesome tips!

Have a fun weekend! See you Monday!

1 thought on “Five Things Friday 5.8.15”

  1. You are absolutely right, any meal I don’t have to cook is great. You are the best! Thanks😍

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