A busy life or a full life

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Happy Monday to you! How was your weekend? I really hope that it was full of good people that make you laugh, enjoying delicious meals and some treats, and taking time to recharge. This weekend was wonderful and I was able to go to the farmer’s market and buy some essential items (asparagus, maple syrup, carrot marmalade and lemon ginger pear jam, grass-fed steaks, and sweet potatoes) and enjoy an awesome new brunch place (Marigold Kitchen, check it out!) with my sister. We meandered around State Street, browsed some cute stores, and chatted for hours. On Sunday I was able to get some laundry and food prep done before heading to CrossFit for a great workout and then the afternoon was spent drinking wine and eating too much cheese at a local winery with my mom and sisters. I made dinner for my mom to celebrate Mother’s Day and decided to make chicken piccata with baked asparagus spears and a maple dijon sauce, and for dessert by request, these gluten-free black bean brownies with a chocolate ganache frosting. It all turned out pretty well and I really enjoyed cooking for others! 🙂

This past week I listened to an episode of the Fed & Fit podcast and the main topic was a leading a busy life versus a full life. The women touched on the glorification of busy in our culture and how “busy” can typically be viewed negatively. Oftentimes when we feel like our life has gotten too busy and we feel ruled by our to-do list, we will feel tired, overwhelmed, and stressed at the end of the day. The things that are filling our day-to-day aren’t making us feel creative, appreciated, or accomplished. So how do we work on living a full life versus a busy life? I found the advice given on the podcast by Cassy was incredibly helpful. She advised to make a list of everything that fills up your day (and that includes taking a shower, getting ready for work, eating breakfast, working out, etc.). Next, cross-off everything on that list that is necessary to you (perhaps showering, eating, working out, doing the dishes etc.). Finally, cross-off the things that you really enjoy doing throughout the day (taking walks, talking on the phone with you mom, cooking, etc). Now, whatever is left, take a look at how these things impact your life. Does this activity bring you joy? Will it positively affect your future? Can you eliminate it if it’s not serving you? This exercise will help you identify what may be creating the “busy-ness” factor in your days and how to turn it around to feelings of contentment and fulfillment instead.

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Another wonderful takeaway from this podcast was that you are the only one who can decide whether you feel busy or not. Many people may view your life and say to you, “How do you do it all? You’re so busy. You really should slow down.” But to you, it might not feel that way. You might absolutely love what you’re doing and feel alive, creative, happy, and enjoy every minute of the things that fill your day. So on this Monday, I hope you can find time to listen to this podcast and perhaps think about whether you are living a full life or a busy one. And if you are feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed with today and what is to come this week, I hope this blog post can start to lessen the load and help you get back to what makes your soul happy.

Have a full week! 🙂 See you Friday!

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