Five Things Friday 5.15.15

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Happy Friday! I know that I say this far too much, but how is it Friday already? Life needs to slow down! How was your week? Did it fly by for you too? I felt a bit rushed earlier this week and that’s probably the primary reason for feeling extra tired and questioning how the end of the week is here so soon. But, despite the weather being extra dreary, there were some bright spots and here are five of them:

1. Reading “The Spoonful” every Thursday-It’s a weekly email that I signed up for through the website SoulPancake. It’s created by Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office) and I love the collection of cool stories and websites that it features. It’s always positive, intriguing, and thought-provoking. Let me know what you think if you decide to sign up!

2. Throwing together these raw peanut butter cookies-This recipe is the best base for making your own granola bars or energy bites. Medjool dates hold everything together perfectly so you can go ahead and add whatever you feel like-coconut, chocolate chips, chia seeds, almond/walnuts/cashews/etc, dried fruit, etc.

3. Workouts-They’ve been fun but brutal and have been sending me to bed completely exhausted. I’ve been trying to focus on what my body can do and not berating it for what it can’t. This small change in my mindset has made workouts more enjoyable and I’ve been enjoying the process of working hard and spending time with great people.

4. New Mumford and Sons album-I’ve been listening to it on Spotify while cooking or writing and I like the sound of this new album. It’s a bit different than their previous sound, less banjo and more rock, but I’ve been enjoying it as the background to my days this week. Have you listened yet? What do you think?

5. Celebrating one year with the best guy ever-Holy cow, time really flies. It’s hard to believe that Saturday will mark the first date we went on-going to see a movie after our late work shifts on a Friday night. I failed miserably at staying awake (classic) and remember hoping that I didn’t completely blow it. One year later, it’s hard to imagine my days without him. He never fails to make me laugh and he adds so much happiness and fun to the world.

Favorite Links:

Lessons From Almost Dying: Appreciate The Everyday Awesome-This is a must-read for Friday! I loved every word of it. 🙂

What To Do While Waiting For Mr. Right-This was beautifully written and even if you’ve found Mr. Right, it’s still worth the read. “And while my perspective is an entirely Christian one, at the end of the day – if your identity and life objective is searching for a mate in life, you have measured life and your purpose here far too small. He will be a piece of the story, but he won’t fulfill every need and trump all other desires and calling.”

A Life In Motion, Stopped Cold-This is a heartbreaking and compelling story. After reading it, you may feel incredibly grateful for all of the small things we are capable of that we take for granted. Hugging a friend. Cooking dinner. Taking a shower. Life can change in an instant and this story will put life in perspective.

What are five things that made your week great? Have a wonderful weekend!

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