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Good morning and happy Monday! I know, I’m not super excited it’s Monday either partly because I feel like this weekend just passed in a blur. Where did the month of June go? How was your weekend? I hope that you were able to have time to yourself, recharge, and spend time with your favorite people. I was thinking a lot about this blog post on Sunday evening. I was feeling incredibly uninspired and thought about not posting today. You can’t force yourself to write, especially when not a single noteworthy or interesting idea crosses your mind. But the thing is, when I write, I process. I’ve always had a hard time using my spoken words to express what it is I’m feeling. But with the written word, it seems to flow. I don’t get caught up, stumble, or back-pedal my way through an explanation or justification of what I’m feeling. It just is. So writing, for me, is necessary to life. And lately, it’s been a whole lot of uninspired-ness going on. I feel like I’ve lost my creativity not only as a trainer, but also as an individual. I’ve been feeling so lukewarm about the decisions I’ve made with the career path I’ve chosen. I’m feeling lukewarm about the location in which I’m living. And I feel slightly as though my life is happening right in front of me without having a leading role. Have you ever felt this way? And if so, what helped you? I have no words of wisdom here. I am just sharing this with you in hopes that you too have felt this at one point in your life and that you’ve come out the other side with more inspiration and creativity than ever before. This could simply be the product of the stage of life I’m passing through. I may just need to hang tight and weather the storm. But I also know that I can not become complacent in my own life. Perception is reality and if I continue to view my life as such, I am creating my own unhappiness. So on this last Monday in June, I hope you are looking forward to the day ahead of you and are living it as fully as possible. 🙂 Thank you for reading my Monday ramblings!

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