The best days

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Good morning! How was your fourth of July weekend? I hope you spent it with friends and family, viewed some fireworks, enjoyed the summer weather, and ate delicious food! I loved starting the weekend out with a challenging workout at CrossFit 608 and then spending the rest of the day outside, catching up with friends, sipping watermelon sangria, and eating a whole lot of good stuff! Sunday was spent very leisurely with no agenda (those are the best days!).

As I was browsing through a magazine on Sunday afternoon before thinking about writing this post, I stumbled across an article based on the topic of relaxation. Various writers contributed to the article and shared what they do to reach a state of relaxation. One writer shared about how her and her daughter took a ferry into the city for a day and just explored. There was no to-do list and no plans. They just spent the day walking around different neighborhoods, swinging at the park, meandering into different shops, and eating lunch outside. She noted how happy she felt after hours spent doing nothing in particular, just simply being.

After reading this, I immediately thought about the year I lived in South Korea and the Saturdays I spent exploring Seoul with friends. We would pick a subway stop or an area of the city to explore and simply meandered the entire day. We went to museums, chatted in coffee shops, browsed boutiques, stuffed ourselves with bulgogi and kimchi at outdoor restaurants, walked for miles, and spent the hour subway ride home laughing about the odd things that happened along the way.

Those summer weekends in Seoul are some of my most treasured memories because I remember returning to my studio apartment completely exhausted but feeling so happy and fulfilled. Just allowing the day to take me wherever it wanted to take me sans to-do list and expectations left me content and relaxed. It was one of the best ways to unwind after a long week.

I have to remember this when the weekends roll around and the couch is calling my name. Of course naps are always great, but the weekends in which I can spend a day exploring a city and let the day unfold as it may are the ones I’m left feeling completely renewed and inspired.

Here’s to many more relaxed, meandering, and enjoyable summer days! Have a great week!

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