Five Things Friday 7.24.15

ice creamsource

Good morning and happy Friday! How was your week? Do you have fun things planned for this beautiful weekend? I hit a bit of a rough patch early on this week but was blessed with some time off which is exactly what I needed to relax and try a new perspective. I hope that your week was full of good meals, quality time spent with your favorite people, and hopefully lots of time outside! What went well for you this week? Here are my top 5:

1. Having a clear idea of what is important in life-Coming home to the one you love, having friends and family that get you and support you…well I don’t really know if anything else should matter. I want to make sure I always have plenty of time to make memories, travel, and actually live my life with those that mean the world to me.

2. Perfect mornings-Rolling out of bed at 5 am…not ideal. But seeing the sunrise, getting a workout in outside of the gym, and knowing that duck eggs and iced coffee await you at home…the best.

3. Cooking up some new recipes-Making this creamed salmon with peas over linguine that was highly recommended by my sister, throwing together this chocolate honey almond tart for dessert, and trying out these super simple basil turkey burgers.

4. Having time off mid-week-Sleeping in, taking a nap, working out in the late afternoon, and cooking a meal. It was glorious!

5. Looking forward to the weekend-Watching the CrossFit Games, getting together with old friends for our 10 year high school reunion, and taking time to recharge. I can’t wait!

Favorite Links:

20 Times Amy Schumer Completely Understood You-A good laugh for you on a Friday 🙂

The Importance Of A Side Hustle And Why You Need To Start One-I loved this post and found it to have so much truth to it. This blog and health coaching are my side hustles and they provide me with so much joy!

This Is What $1500 A Month In Rent Would Get You In Cities Around The World-So interesting to see how far $1500 can go in a country like Nepal and then how little your money stretches in NYC.

I hope you have a very happy weekend!

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